Another unusual celebrity baby name

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You would not expect Anthony Kiedis to give his kid an ordinary name, would you? Earlier this month, the Red Hot Chili Peppers' frontman and his girlfriend Heather Christie became parents to a son they named Everly B. Now we know what the B stands for - Bear. Everly Bear Kiedis.

Regarding the unusual name, Kiedis tells People, "We had a long list of names, but I suppose it came to me by way of the Everly Brothers, which is one of my favorite bands," he said. Mama gets credit for adding the Bear, which Kiedis says made sense to him because "he's from me and I feel like I'm part of the bear clan".

Unlike some unusual names, I got this one immediately. My mom was a big Everly Brothers fan and I spent many happy hours as a young girl gazing at her A Date with the Everly Brothers album while listening to the soothing harmonies of Phil and Don. Everly Bear might be an unusual choice for a name, but I love it.

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